The British Virgin Islands holds great history and many beautiful natural wonders. These islands hold awesome natural creations such as the geological phenomenon known as the baths. There are the stunning Sage brush-covered hills of Sage Mountain or the Bubbling pools on the north side of Jost Van Dyke. On top of all that The British Virgin has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with some pretty awesome beach bar such as the Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke. If you get a chance to have an adventure on one of these incredible islands I would have to say these are my top three spots in the British Virgin Islands.


Sage Mountain - British Virgin Islands


#3 Sage Mountain National Park, Tortola

A gift from the Rockefellers to the government of the BVI, Sage Mountain National Park cloaks a ridge running east to west along the spine of Tortola and is the first national park established in these islands. Almost the entire park is 305 meters above sea level, and 523-meter Mount Sage is the highest peak in all the Virgin Islands. Twelve looped hiking trails thread through the forest, and while the park is not an actual rainforest, you can see philodendrons, hanging vines, ferns, mahogany, cedar, and Manilkara trees. Wildlife includes birds such as martins, hummingbirds, and kestrels. Since the BVI National Parks Trust acquired the land, reforestation programs have been successful in many areas of the park.


White Bay - Jost Van Dyke - BVI


#2 White Bay, Jost Van Dyke

White Bay is Jost Van Dyke's most popular beach and one of the most beautiful in all the British Virgin Islands. Steep hills plunge to this long sweep of dazzling white sand, which is sheltered by a barrier reef. The reef protects the waters from waves and swells and creates excellent swimming and snorkeling opportunities. A channel through the center of the reef allows entrance for the many boats that anchor in the clear turquoise waters. After a few hours of sun and sea, you can refuel at one of the convivial restaurants along the beach.


The Baths, Virgin Gorda - BVI


#1 The Baths, Virgin Gorda

The Virgin Gorda Baths are a busy anchorage and one of the British Virgin Island's most famous landmarks. This distinctive bay is scattered with giant granite boulders, creating sea pools and grottoes that are perfect for snorkeling and exploring. At one point, the boulders form a sand-bottomed cave that is one of the most photographed areas in the British Virgin Islands. The Baths were declared a national park in 1990 in an effort to preserve this beautiful boulder-strewn bay.

So, if you have not yet experienced the wonders of The British Virgin Islands you must check out these locations. Whether you spend the week on the big island of Tortola or Just a day trip to Jost, I am sure you will have a great experience. Remember your underwater cameras, reef safe Sunblock, a good hat, and don’t forget to have fun.



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29 Jul 2019

By Travis Sichel