Top 5 Tips When Renting a Car


1. Limit additional drivers

Will you be the only driver – or will someone else in your party take the wheel at times during your trip? If you share driving duties, you may have to include additional names on the rental contract, which could increase the cost. Age is also a factor, as drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 are more expensive. Your best bet is to try to keep the number of drivers to a minimum to avoid supplementary fees and stress.

2. Inspection is necessary

While rental reimbursement insurance covers the actual cost of a rental car, it does not protect the rented vehicle in the event of an accident. Before accepting the insurance option offered to you by the rental agent, check with your agent to see if your personal car insurance policy includes collision and comprehensive coverage. If you already have this coverage on your regular vehicle, there’s a good chance it will transfer to a rental car so be sure to check your policy.

3. Avoid costly airport locations

Consider renting your car at a location away from the airport. Being able to rent and return at the terminal can be a more convenient option, but you can expect to pay for that convenience through additional airport fees. The are many local and family-owned car rental companies in the Caribbean check all your options.

4. Clean & Fill up before returning

Rental companies often require that the car be returned with a full tank of gas or they’ll charge you a substantial fee to refill the tank. Fill up yourself – at a gas station near the rental outlet. Also, remember to clean any dirt and sand out of the car with a vacuum. Most rental companies will charge an extra fee to clean the sand and garbage out of the rental.

5. Return on time

You may be surprised to learn that you could be charged extra for returning your rental car early. Bringing the vehicle back ahead of time, or later than agreed upon, could result in additional fees. If you anticipate a change in drop-off time, ask the rental agent about the company policy.

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22 May 2019

By Brandon Smith