Island eGuide App - Caribbean Guide

App Features

  • One click calling
  • Searchable Map for listings
  • Search via category & search bar
  • Social sharing
  • Events
  • Classifieds

You will find

  • Shopping
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Activities
  • Spas
  • Beaches
  • boat charters

And more!

  • fishing
  • sailing
  • snorkeling
  • Hiking trails
  • Groceries
  • And much more!


This island guide App is your concierge for the Caribbean islands. Islandeguide has all the information, maps and videos you need to find your way around, search for local businesses, events, activities and much more. 

Find specials & coupons!


Here on Islandeguide you will also be able to find special deals promoted by local businesses in the islands. Buy coupons and print them for later use. Sign up Plan ahead and sign up to islandeguide to save your favorite listings to find easily while you stay in the islands.


Sell your stuff


A one stop shop on classifieds done right. Jobs, items for sale or rent. Professional services all around the island. Classifieds show all the information including description, photos, price and contact information.


Promote your event


Create an event, BBQ, fund raiser, open party you name it. You can add events on our website and they will be listed on the App too. Promote with large pictures or videos.


Advertise your Business


Add your business listing to our website and App. Visit & click sign up at the top right. Visitors to the islands will be able to search for your listing and locate it on the App. There they can read about you, see pictures, view videos, call you and write reviews.


Sponsors can create deals or coupons with their listing, setting time limits and amount available for the offers. The visitors can redeem right from the site and share the opportunity with their social networks. Allow sponsors to write articles for promotion for their products.


Businesses will be able to easily edit their own advertisements, change the text, photos and deals on the website at will. Restaurants can advertise their daily menus.

Charter-boats, Clothing stores, jewelry stores and grocery stores can promote their businesses with different exciting deals for the consumer. Stores can advertise strategically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Metric tracking to see who viewed what, when, showing sponsors how many views, calls, clicks their listing is receiving.


Banners sell by impressions or time periods. Different sizes and pricing within zones. Banners can be images, Flash script from a third party banner system. Banners in specific modules and in specific categories.


Simple video setup for sponsors and can be hosted on YouTube and Vimeo or personal video setup.


Islandeguide creates a visitor account for increasing user base and newsletter list.