Greengos Caribbean Cantina


                                 OUR LIFESTYLE                               

 The owners and head chef (affectionately, and somewhat famously, referred to as "Mom") are in fact "gringos", but they are not poor spellers. "Greengo's" is a play on the word which refers to Americans to reflect their commitment to being environmentally responsible--truly living the notion of “going green”. Take-out food is packaged in recycled, biodegradable materials and all glassware is made from recycled glass. And some of our drinks are served in temperature-sensitive plastic cups that darken to bright green as they are consumed or warmed to room temperature. Everyone can see you need a refill as the "green goes" down! 

If you appreciate quality food, tasty beverages and a rewarding dining experience, we are waiting for you at Greengo’s!                            

                                   OUR FOOD

Unquestionably, the heart and soul of Greengo's lie in the food quality and its traditional preparation. Many of our chiles and spices are imported directly from the Sonoran Desert region from which our owners and head chef also hail. Greengo's kitchen provides authentic housemade Sonoran-style Mexican cuisine featuring slow-roasted beef, pork, chicken, or pan-seared to order shrimp, fish and our veggie mix in tacos, burritos, quesadillas, cantina bowls and salads--or over nachos. The result is decidedly NOT reminiscent of the overly-Americanized, preservative-laden mass-produced chain restaurant food all too many folks have grown used to. Greengo’s attention to detail and dedication to freshness and Sonoran tradition make for food comparable to what you’d find on Grandma Maria’s dinner table in Ajo, Arizona.


310 Calle Fortaleza San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico 00901
Caribbean Sea

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