Jost van Dykes Preservation Society


JVD Hurricane Relief  – Thank you for all of those who donated to JVD hurricane relief. We are preparing to finalize the distribution of funds for the benefit to JVD.  Funds will include elements of clean up, building supplies, and back up systems for future storms (emergency water provision, etc). A full accounting of funds raised will be posted.  Funds raised via the GoFundMe and labeled for general JVD will not be used for administrative overhead or salary for JVD Director who is core staff (it may, however, support part-time salaries for JVDislanders to support activities related to relief and to provide job creation).  Prior to Irma, JVDPS had partnered with the Department of Disaster Management (DDM), Rotary Tortola and BVI Red Cross on SMART communities programmes. Through this initiative, we are adding another $50K + in direct value to JVD.


Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Islands - BVI
Caribbean Sea

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