What is a Bushwacker? And How Do You Make One?

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If you have never tried a Bushwacker or the equivalent of an "adult milkshake" you are missing out! The Bushwacker is the official U.S Virgin Islands drink! Everyone has a small twist, but here is the basic recipe. If you find yourself in the U.S Virgin Islands, you can almost bet every bar serves this tasty drink! We did forget to mention that we love rum and we like to share! 

Most bushwackers call for the original ingredients:

Vodka, Kahlua, Dark Crème de Cacao, Coco Lopez (cream of coconut), a splash of Triple sec and milk that's spun in a blender with ice and topped with a grating of fresh nutmeg.

-4 ounces coconut cream

-2 ounces Kahlua

-1 ounce Rum (Your choice)

-1 ounce dark creme de cacao

-4 ounces half & half

-2 cups of ice 

-1 scoop vanilla ice-cream (if you want to get fancy)

-1 beach chair

-No worries

Blend & Enjoy